Experts on Blindness
Experts on Blindness
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    Need an expert on blindness or low vision? Do you need to understand the impact vision loss  has on an individual's personal, social and professional life? Reach out today- we offer expertise to legal representatives in both civil and criminal cases. 
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The Impact of Blindness

Becoming blind or losing a substantial portion of one's vision changes a person's life dramatically. The impact can be extensive and complex. Depending upon a person's age, there can be educational, vocational, independent living, and quality of life issues as well as others. Experts on Blindness provides consulting services to help the legal community, both defendants and plaintiffs, to understand these issues and what it might take to mitigate the impact.

In 1961, Thomas Carroll, a pioneer in the rehabilitation of persons who are blind, wrote about The Twenty Losses of Blindness. His list is still very relevant today. In its comprehensive assessment, Experts on Blindness examines how each of these losses has impacted the client.